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Electrical Inspector Theory Course

Electrical Inspector Theory Course

Are you tired of crawling through roofs under floors and playing in trenches? Time for a change, why not become a Licenced Electrical Inspector.

Our Theory training course is step 1 in your journey to becoming a licensed electrical inspector. Becoming a Licensed Electrical Inspector gives you the opportunity to put down the heavy tools and pick up the testers and books. Think of this as the third and final step of your new career.

Due to the added complexity of the assessment requirements to gain a licence as a “G” Class Licensed electrical Inspector, Triple Trade Training now offers each separate component of the assessment as a standalone course.

You now have the ability to select all three or only one of the courses, however Triple Trade training recommends the order of the courses to be, Theory followed by the G practical and finally the safe to approach.

Triple Trade training prides itself in providing you with the knowledge, limited experience on simulated test boards and specific information in electrical inspection, particularly testing of electrical installations. Our training courses go further than providing only sufficient training just to pass the licencing assessment. Our training packages are designed and deliver sufficient underpinning knowledge to become a valued Licenced Electrical Inspector.

Triple Trade training will provide guidance for candidates attempting the assessment for ‘G’ Class Licence in all three license assessments, “Theory, Practical and Safe to Approach” as defined in the Electrical Safety (General) Regulations. It also provides guidance and reference material for Licensed Electrical Inspectors once they become a licenced inspector.

Triple Trade Training provides resource material that sets out methods of inspecting and testing that have been commonly used over many years by Inspectors for verifying that the requirements of the Act, Regulations, Wiring Rules and the Service and Installation Rules have been met.

In providing this information Triple Trade Training intention is to provide industry best practice processes and procedures on methods of testing along with sufficient underpinning information for the candidate to understand the rationale/reasons behind such tests and methodology.


Designed for electricians and instrument technicians
Broad industry coverage
Delivered by expert trainers

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Course Fees

$3370 Per Person + GST

Entry Requirements

Nil, however, strongly recommended to have held an Electrician’s Licence for a period if at least 5 years. Refer to ESV website for further information.

Duration and Delivery

The course is 10 Days duration

Topics Covered

Licensed Electrical Inspectors Theory (LEIT) G Class License

  • Theory 10 Days Covering the Following UnitsContents & Student requirements
    • Tutorial information
    • Work health and safety
      • Applicable to the electrical inspector
    • Fundamental Electrical Principles
      • Refresher on A Theory
    • Hierarchy of documents
      • An Overview of how the documents fit together
    • Electricity Safety Act
    • Electricity Safety (General) Regulations
    • AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules
    • AS/NZS 3012 Electrical installations – Construction and demolition sites
    • AS/NZS 3008.1.1 Electrical installations – Selection of cables
    • AS/NZS 4836 Safe working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment
    • AS/NZS 3010 Electrical installations—Generating sets
    • AS/NZS 4777-Grid connection of energy systems via inverters – Installation requirements
    • AS/NZS 5033-Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays
    • AS/NZS 5139 Electrical Installations-Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment
    • Electrical Installation compliance
    • Electrical Installation protection
    • Voltage drop
    • Earthing arrangements
      • Men System
      • TN, IT & TT Earthing systems explained
    • Touch potential
    • Fault loop impedance
      • How when and why
    • Discrimination & Cascading
      • Of circuit protection devices
    • Definitions and acronyms
      • Commonly use in the electrical industry
    • MEN explanation
    • Electrical inspection methodology explained

Licensing Exams

To be eligible to sit the Class G licence, the following prerequisites are required:

• Electrician’s (A/E Class) licence.

• If your licence has expired, ESV must provide approval for you to sit the assessment. To apply authorisation, email a copy of your trade certificate and expired licence details to [email protected] and include information on why you are making the request.

The LEI Class G licence is a combination of three separate assessments, undertaken at three different times:

  • The G CLASS Theory
  • G Class Practical
  • Safe Approach

G Class Theory Assessment – 3 hours 30 minutes (including reading time)

On successfully passing the assessments, submit your assessment results, any additional competency requirements and application fee as required by ESV.

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Experienced trainers

Our trainers have collectively more than 65 years’ experience working in the Electrical industry’s Also have more than 36 years as Electrical inspectors, and over 30 years’ experience teaching others. We know our stuff.

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Our course materials are written in an easy-to-read, well-organised style, ideal for reference after the course. And the content is backed up by standards – there are no opinions, only facts.

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Quality training, with competency outcomes. See some of the people we have delivered training to.

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